Company Profile

Richard Wills Real Estate is a boutique real estate agency focused on driving investment returns for its clients by following a patient, disciplined market-proven approach.


The business has been offering and delivering its highly professional service in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs for over 30 years. By employing high-quality people and pursuing the highest standards of excellence the business has positioned itself as a hallmark.


The Principal, Richard Wills has over 55 years’ experience in all aspects of Real Estate in the Eastern Suburbs, leveraging a family history of over 90 years of real estate in the area. He is complemented by a highly professional and dedicated team. With a passion, a past and proven track record in the East the team’s insight into the local market is unrivalled.


The business' accomplishments are a reflection of the success of long-term client relationships.  These relationships, in turn, have been borne out of the business' ability to deliver outperformance.


We use the best of the PAST, combined with the leading insights of the PRESENT in order to progress our valued clients’ investments into the FUTURE.


We will provide you with the best solution to your real estate needs. Whether it is buying, selling, management or investment WE look forward to YOU becoming one of our VALUED CLIENTS.


Excellence in Property – Richard Wills Real Estate.